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If your are looking for a software developer this is the right place to be. Codekbyte offers you the best option in choosing the right software developers to join your team or to take care of your existing application. With a team of experienced developers we cover the complete software development cycle and a broad range of technologies from back-end to front-end development.

Our developers cover all phases of the software development process helping you in any stage of your project life:




Architecture &








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5 Reasons why outsourcing to Codekbyte is great for your business


We adhere to programming best practices, making use of design patterns and OOP principles. This ensures the quality and maintainability of our code. Furthermore we are using Agile delivery methods and code quality metrics like code coverage, code complexity and dependency analysis.


Why outsourcing to Romania? Being a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007, IT industry developed quickly supported by young and dynamic people with strong technical knowledge. Located in Eastern Europe we are a couple hours away from London.


English is the second language for any software developer, but German, Spanish and French are also spoken widely. Furthermore, people in Eastern Europe are technologically-minded and share a similar work culture to people from Western Europe and US.

Dynamic IT

Numerous management consulting groups listed Romania in rankings on the attractiveness and the dynamics of the IT business environment. Romania has been shortlisted by KPMG in the top 31 emerging locations worldwide for IT-BPO outsourcing.

Cost Effective

By outsourcing your IT services to us you reduce costs and increase flexibility. The funds saved can be better invested elsewhere to improve your profitability and grow your market share. Also help you concentrate more on your principal business functions and get your new products and services to market faster.

With Codekbyte you have the full range of IT services for your custom application

Backend development

From requirements gatherring to coding, testing, database administration and much more, we offer you all the IT services you need. Having many years of experience in ASP .NET and PHP, our software developers are the right choice when designing and implementing the core functions of your application. We can also help with extending your current web services or implementing them from scratch.

Frontend development

When approaching the front part of the application we adhere to mobile first principle, coding for smaller devices and scale up to larger screens. We have stong experience on working with AngularJS, Knockout, VueJS, jQuery and more. Making use of the modular developement, templating and two-way data binding our front code is clean, easy to read and maintainable..

We Also Do

Web Development

Going through the requirements we can help you with the best digital solution for your business needs.

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Web Design

We create stunning mobile website & app solutions that engage users through custom intuitive design.

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